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Please specify IPDM™ model and and seat position, if applicable, per mount.

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The iPad Deck Mount™ does not require an STC  because the iPDM is a portable design.

The iPDM™ meets

FAA AC 120-76B and AC 20-173.

Click here for FAA AC 120-76B.

Click here for FAA AC 20-173.

How the iPDM™works

The iPDM simply slips over the existing cockpit  clip board of the aircraft to form an easy - to - install & remove iPad mount to take with you for your next flight.

The iPDM is ergo-dynamic, light, portable and designed by a pilot for pilots.

How the iPDM™  is made

The iPDM is made from a  powder-coated lightweight aluminum alloy that integrates seamlessly with the FAA-approved EFB-Electronic Flight Bag.

IPDM™:Secure & Viewable

Does not obstruct visual or physical access to aircraft controls and displays, flight crew egress or ingress, or external vision with our product.

Your PED  remains "secure and viewable" in all flight realms.

The iPDM has been tested in turbulence.

The iPDM eliminates the hassle of finding a proper place to stow and secure your iPad.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Well, don’t worry. We did think of it after lots of balancing the iPad on laps, propping on the window frame, using suction devices sticking here and get the picture. So you can mark it off your checklist as “Completed.”

iPad EFB News:

January 2014

US Airways official user of the iPad Deck Mount.

July 2013

U. S.Air Force official user of the

iPad Deck Mount.

May 2013

U. S. Department of Energy/NNSA official of the iPad Deck Mount.

August 2012

Reports on AAs’ continuing commitment to iPad tech in the cockpit.

September 2012

iPad Deck Mount recently featured on

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iPad Deck Mount and IPDM are patented

Airbus 318-319-320-321 Install

B-737 Install

Tubulence test B-737

Ask Pilots of these Airlines  about the iPadDeck Mount

Available for:

Airbus 318-319-320-321 Window mount

Boeing 737-777

Embraer 145-175-190

In production

Airbus 318-319-320-321-330 tray table mount

Boeing 757